Elements Unleashed

Muffin Top and Magic

A Paranormal Women's Fiction Tale

About the Book

If she lives to see the light of day, she’ll take her tribute in peanut butter cups.

White witch Becca Boyd is dreading Halloween night. Ever since her daughter joined the Wilderness Chicks, Becca has been forced to deal with the women who, once upon a time, made her adolescence miserable. The mean girl mom group is headed by Sadie Fitzgibbons in a position as troop mother. Trick-or-treating followed by a party with them sounds like the special hell. But Becca is determined to make the night fun for the girls, even if it kills her.

Which it might.

Because Sadie made a big mistake. Now, the mean girl moms need Becca’s magic to stop an evil demon from destroying their small mountain town. Becca must overcome her bitterness to save those she loves most.

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The Details

Published: October 10, 2021
Publisher: Elements Unleashed
Formats: Ebook