Elements Unleashed

Midlife Magic and Malarkey

Book 4: Cougars & Cauldrons Series

About the Book

A killer by any other name is just as deadly….

Samantha Sinclair has taken charge of the day-to-day operations for the bed and breakfast on the Outer Banks. Even though Multiple Sclerosis limits her physically, everyone in the community of aging witches and shifters believes Sam is doing a fabulous job running the place, especially Mathis and Damien. It’s no surprise when a secret admirer leaves little love poems for her. Sam is sure the poems are coming from one of her shifter mates.

Until a body washes up on shore with another message written in blood.

Can Sam and her cougars stop the supernatural stalker before he strikes again?

Midlife Magic and Malarkey is the fourth installment in the Cougars and Cauldrons paranormal women’s fiction series. If you like strong female characters, steamy romance, and heart-pounding adventure, you don’t want to miss Jennifer L. Hart’s enchanting tale. Buy Midlife Magic and Malarkey and weave a spell today!

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The Details

Published: August 28, 2023
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook